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Tres Fenton

Tres Fenton

"Being a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, I've always wanted to create the perfect tee. One that I'd feel comfortable wearing at a beach bar, sporting event or out at my favorite sushi spot. As a huge sports fan, and someone who loves the MMA, I started out wanting to design some shirts that had a fighting flair to them. Thus, Destruction Fight Gear was born in late 2009. Pretty quickly, I decided I wanted to do more than just MMA-influenced shirts, and I changed the brand to True Sin.

"I partnered up with talented artist, Jeffrey Jacoby, and we expanded the line to be more like the t-shirts I admired from Lucky Brand and True Religion. It seems like the longer I do this, the simpler and more retro I like my designs.

"In the spring of 2011, Jeffrey and I parted ways as he went on to further his successful career as an advertising creative director, and to have his own clothing line, and I decided to expand True Sin into more than just t-shirts. Pretty soon, True Sin will be introducing a line of bikinis, and also things like yoga shorts and pants for women, and also will add to our hat line.

"The focus for my small and unique clothing company is to go into more boutiques that carry exclusive, smaller lines like True Sin."


Shelley Giard

Shelley Giard-Talbot
Hair & Make-up Guru

Shelley Giard-Talbott has been a practicing Cosmetologist since 1991. Originally from Massachusetts, she began as an entrepreneurial spirit opening her first salon after only 3 years in the business. Over the years, she has owned 4 salons, her first in the state of South Carolina and the other 3 in the Tampa Bay Area; the most current being Canvas Hair & Skin Studio.

Shelley not only is the chief stylist for True Sin photo shoots, but also a fashion advisor as well.

For many years, she has worked behind the scenes of photo shoots, fashion shows and T.V., styling the hair and applying makeup on models and television personalities. Her work can be found in print ads, magazines, books and across the internet. She has had the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented local photographers, as well as well known Photoshop lecturer, author and photographer, Scott Kelby. She has been True Sin founder Tres Fenton's main stylist on his photo shoots all over Florida. She loves bringing to life the ideas of these visionaries.


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