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Contest Rules

True Sin Clothing Company is the True Sin Vixen Contest, with a winner every month, with the winner receiving prizes worth over $400.

True Sin Vixen Contest

  1. Each month, models will compete for the title of Miss True Sin Vixen of that month. The highest vote getter will receive a True Sin tee that is not available to the general public, and a 2-night cruise to the Bahamas.
  2. Models can compete every month even if they have already won a previous month.
  3. To compete, models must sign-up by clicking the link on the main contest page, enter their information, and upload up to 7 photos. Models MUST upload at least one photo to compete. Models will select one primary photo which will be used as their thumbnail on the contest and ranking pages, and also on their banners. Our system will re-size each photo if necessary, and also create thumbnails for display. Models can use the thumbnail editing system to crop their thumbnails however they wish. Photos may not feature any form of nudity, including see-through clothing shots. Bikinis are perfectly fine, including thongs. True Sin Clothing Company reserves the right to delete any photo we deem inappropriate for the contest.
  4. Models must sign up for the True Sin Affiliate Program to compete. There are simple instructions on how to do this linked from the online sign-up form.
  5. Models will create a log-in for our website, and can come back any time to change their text or photos.
  6. Our system will create unique banner code which models may use to promote themselves in our contests on your websites, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. Simply copy and paste this code into your sites. You do not need to save the banners. The code will automatically display your banner, and link fans directly to your page on our website. To have the best chance of winning, models should post their banners in as many places as possible, post comments on their social networking sites, email their fans, and promote themselves in the True Sin Vixen Contest as much as possible.

Bonus Votes and Affiliate Program

  1. BONUS VOTES - This is probably the most important aspect of the competition, as it can separate winning models from the pack, and also create a monthly paycheck for the models as well. When you sign-up for the contest, you will see a button on your admin page labeled Affiliate Program. We highly encourage you to click that button, and create an affiliate account. Once you create this affiliate account, you will copy and paste the link code you will receive into the correct text box on your profile. This will allow our system to plant that code with the Bonus Points button on your page. Any fan clicking that button will be tracked through our shopping cart system, even if they return days later and go directly to our Sin Shop. For every dollar a fan spends in our Sin Shop, the affiliate model will receive 1 bonus vote. If a fan buys $100 in merchandise, you will receive 100 bonus votes. There is NO limit to how many bonus votes a model can receive.
  2. AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS - Not only will you receive a bonus vote for every dollar spent, you will also receive a 15% commission on all sales. If, for example, you have 100 fans voting for you, and each spends $50 in a month, you will receive a $750 commission from True Sin Clothing Company. It is up to each model to promote the contest to her fans, and encourage them to help you by getting you Bonus Votes! We will continue to launch new products every month, so your fans will always have something new from which to pick.
  3. When you sign-up for the contest, you have the opportunity to receive an extra 100 votes right away. To do so, purchase a shirt from the Sin Shop (you will even receive a 15% commission on your own purchases!), and post a photo of you wearing your True Sin shirt on your website, Facebook, Myspace page or other outlet. Send us a copy of the photo for our Living In True Sin page, and a link where you're displaying the photo on your pages, and we will promptly adjust your vote total by 100 votes!


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