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True Sin Affiliate Program

How to Participate in the True Sin Affiliate Program

  1. Click HERE to join our Affiliate Program.
  2. You will be asked for an email address and password. Please write this down somewhere.
  3. After signing up, you will need to activate your account. Check your email to retrieve your activation code, and then paste it into the e-junkie (our shopping cart and affiliate program partner) log-in page that asks for your code.
  4. After confirming your affiliate account, you will be taken to the MANAGE YOUR AFFILIATE ACCOUNT page. Click the "Get Affiliate Code" link, and make sure True Sin is showing in the drop down window under SELECT MERCHANT.
  5. Click the GET AFFILIATE CODE button.
  6. Copy your unique link code below where it says GET COMMON AFFILIATE HOP LINK (RECOMMENDED).
  7. What you will do next depends on if you are a Model competing in our Vixen Contest or a Fan signing up as an Affiliate.
  8. Models, you will paste this code in the box below your Bio on your Model Admin Page on our website. You must be logged into your page on our site to paste this code into your page.
  9. Click SAVE on your Model Admin Page.
  10. A Bonus Votes button will automatically appear on your page on our site just below your Vote For Me button.
  11. When one of your fans clicks that button, our Affiliate System will track him or her for 6 months when they come back to our website. That means if one of your fans clicks that button, but returns to our site next month to make a purchase, you will still get credit for the purchase.
  12. You will receive 15% of whatever all your fans spend in our Sin Shop each month.
  13. You will also receive ONE BONUS VOTE FOR EACH DOLLAR SPENT. What a quick way to move up in the standings!
  14. You will be paid once monthly for your sales commissions.
  15. Payments to our Affiliates will go out within 2 weeks of the previous month's end, and will include commissions on the previous month's sales.
  16. If you are a Fan, you can use your Affiliate Code and the banner below to advertise our clothing line on your website, Facebook, Myspace or any other online page.
  17. The same info that you see in number 11-15 applies to Fans who have become our Affiliates. The only difference is, you will be using our banner and the link code to get people to our website.
  18. Please go to our CONTACT page if you need any help with our Affiliate Program. We are here to help you, and you'll usually receive an answer within one business day.


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